Dating: Men and the obstacles that block them

Simms Jr. here. Hey ladies! If it's cool with you, here's more insight on the modern American male. Today is another "installment" of my observations on 21st century dating. The new topic concerns the seeming slowness or malaise that men seem to have when wanting to take "the next step". Or trying to enter a committed relationship period. Yup. I know about how it seems that men drag their feet on commitment. We (men) don't move slow when we notice you and those tight jeans at the bar. We move really fast when we want your phone number. And when it comes to sex...we turn into Usain Bolt. There's a reason men (not all of them) take their time to enter a relationship. That reason? Options. I've written about this before. With the advent of internet dating sites, hot fifty year olds, and gym culture, single men are hit with a barrage of carnal stimuli that wasn't nearly this strong in years past. Example: If a man starts a relationship with a woman, and they hit an early rough patch, years ago, this new couple would just work out their differences. Today, in 2013, a man has the option of A. getting on a dating website and meeting a new woman...possibly that day, and B. using his smartphone to hook up multiple booty calls. Read more..

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