Ottawa: Things to avoid when Dating Online

As much as online dating is said to be effective, there are still some aspects worth questioning. They all fall under safety and assurity. Just how safe is online dating?

There have been a number of cases related with scams via online dating in the recent past. If you do online dating, then there are a number of things you should avoid in order to make sure that you are safe and ‘quality’-assured. ·         This might sound absurd, but if anybody terms themselves as “average”, then have nothing to do with them.

Online dating is all about selling one’s profile to the highest of bidders. In this case, anyone who tries to be indifferent in away is trying to attract anyone interested in whatever they are offering. Many a times, their motives are negative. ·        

On the other hand, if someone calls themselves a pilot, do not expect to meet a pilot. Expect to meet a taxi driver posing as a pilot! That is just how online dating works. Always expect the exact opposite of what you bid for. ·        

It is obvious that meeting someone with no picture on their profile is a complete ‘no’. However, if a person has the same photos for his or her profile avoid them too. Many a times, such individuals are not the ones on the picture. If they are, they should have had a very wide variety of pictures of the same person in their profile.

Lastly and on a light note, for people who claim to travel a lot and are looking for a couple of friends to hang with; do not fall for such. They are simply looking for a few birds to lay and have sex with, nothing serious

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