Online Dating: Top five things to look for on paid sites

If the best things in life come for free, and one of the best things in life that you could ever wish for is love, then how come there are so many dating websites out there that you have to pay for? Surely that goes against the whole concept of finding love, especially when you consider the cost of having to pay for it!

The thing about paid dating websites is that they come with many more advantages than you first may have thought of. For example, if someone goes to the trouble of creating a profile, adding pictures, and then paying for the privilege to look at and then chat to other members, they are less like to be scammers or time wasters. This boosts the confidence of those looking to use the site in order to find love, and generally means a better calibre of person. However, this only works when you are picking the RIGHT paid dating websites – there are a lot of phoney websites out there, and it pays to be sure of the top 5 things that you should be looking at in order to find love.

1. Is there a free trial period that you can take advantage of? There is no point in paying for a website that you are going to end up hating, so why not look for the websites that offer either a free trial, or a money back guarantee? You can learn how to use the website, and not have to pay for a penny, or at least get your money back if you are not impressed with it.

2. Look for better security options. The paid websites generally mean that you have more security behind it, which in turn means that you can feel safer about your whole experience. You should look for things such as blocking people, added security measures to keep your details safe, and how secure the payment pages are. Although certain free websites, such as Plenty of Fish offer blocking services, you don’t really have the option to block people that are just looking for a one night stand or an extra marital affair, whereas the paid websites tend to offer these options for your safety and happiness.

3. Look for things while you are signing up – do you have to post a profile? Do you have to pay by a credit card? Do you have to fill in your profile page with a minimum amount of words? These things, although trivial and annoying to you, are there to ensure that there are no scammers and time wasters and show a good paid dating website. Many scams avoid putting photos on, and the fact that the membership has been paid for via a credit card means that it can be easily traced in the cases of frauds or scams.

4. Is your profile “Pending Approval”? What does this mean? It means that not just anyone is going to be using the website, and this pending approval status means that your viewing pleasure is going to be a real one and not just a bunch of hocus pocus with time wasters and scammers.

5. How are you paying? The problem with paid for dating websites is that a minimum fixed term will mean that you are put under more pressure in order to find love, before your subscription runs out and you have to pay again. If you have a month-by-month membership, you are less likely to feel pressured into “hurrying up”. You should also avoid websites that charge per message or “token” – a rose, kiss or other smiley that is sent to the person that you are interested in. If you are charged by the message/token, you are less likely to send as many messages, and therefore less likely to find love.

At the end of the day, these websites are there to help you but there are a lot of bad websites out there that you should avoid. By using these simple tips, you should be on your way to finding love in no time at all, and on a website that you are truly happy with.

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