Dating Etiquette: Should Guys Pay?

The age old dilemma comes into play again – should the guy pay for the drinks/meal/movie/etc. on a first date? Of course, it would be rather difficult to have this type of conversation without upsetting someone, so it would be wise at first to say that this is a question that is best left answered by individuals and their personal preferences.

Age old tradition suggests that it is typically more acceptable for a man to pay on the first date, but with more and more women screaming for equality, it would appear that this is no longer the norm. Girls are starting to earn just as much money, if not more than their male counterparts, so it would seem as if it were only fair to split the bill on a first date, but for those with more of a traditional view on dating, there is nothing more terrifying, or off-putting, than a man that suggests splitting the cheque.

There are a few things that you can do in order to ensure that any upset does not occur, of course. It would make sense for both parties involved in the date to take out enough money to pay for the check, unless it has otherwise been specified that one or the other is going to foot the bill. For example, if a male says to a female – “I’d love to take you for dinner” it would suggest that he is the one paying for it. However, at the same time, it is wise to remember that this is not always the case so ladies; take enough cash out with you!

If a man were to suggest that the lady should pay for the bill in its entirety, there is a good chance that he will not be asked back for a second date, unless again, he has specified that this one is on her, and the next is on him. This very much goes against tradition however, and is likely to be frowned upon in many cases.

In reality, the person that pays for the date should depend on both parties view of the situation. If a girl wants to pay – let her. If a guy wants to pay – let him. It doesn’t undermine you as a person or as a man/woman; it is just common courtesy for the guy to pay for the date. In today’s society though, men love the fact that chicks want as much equality as the guys do, and some men out there like to take full advantage of the situation.

As we have mentioned, it is wise to take out enough money to at least pay for your half of the bill if nothing else, regardless of what sex you are, and if you can make a joke out of the date beforehand, you can pretty much get to grips with who is paying for what.

For example, “Awww, so you’re taking me out for dinner? That’s nice!” is a good statement to make, and if the guy responds with something along the lines of, “Yes, I’d love to – you can pick the restaurant”, it would be safe to assume that he is paying.

If you are in any doubt of course, either take enough to cover your back, or just ask and make your point known right from the very beginning – this could bring an end to many complicated and uncomfortable situations!

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