Online Dating for Ladies: Top Seven Etiquette Tips

Before you begin your online dating quest, you must find out what kind of online dater you are. Are you looking for a short term fling that is possibly not going to mean anything, or are you seriously looking for a long term love that could potentially end in the good old wedding bells?

If you an answered yes to the latter, you may have to change your approach to the whole online dating quest that you have embarked in.

The thing with online dating is that sometimes you do need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to find the person that you believe to be “The One”, and if you stick trying to date the same old guys that you always dated before, (the ones that didn’t work out) then there is a good chance that you are going to fail with your online dating quest as well.

There are seven tips that you should take if you are a single and seriously seeking lady in the world of online dating:

1.    Always respond to the messages that you are receiving. This could be something as simple as “Thanks for your message, but you aren’t really the guy that I am looking for”, or something more complex such as embarking on a conversation. Either way, you must be polite. Just because you aren’t interested in them, doesn’t mean that you should respond.

2.    Be proactive. If you are not getting messages, start sending them. What does it matter who sends the first message? If you see a guy that you like, pop them a little hello and see how it goes. That’s the whole point of online dating – you do have to make some effort; you can’t just wait for the guys to come flocking and hope for the best. At the same time, try and be online a few times per week as well. A lot of dating sites have a “Last online” part, where it shows when the user was last online. The ones that aren’t online that often will often be overlooked for someone that is online now, so try logging in more often.

3.    Do you have a type? If you do, go in completely the opposite way. There is a reason your relationships with this type of guy has not worked – try something new and you never know where you will end up.

4.    It is easy to be judgmental with online dating, but at least let the guy prove to you that he is, in fact, a loser before you brand him as one. That guy with the loser-like smile may be the nicest guy you will ever meet, and although first impressions are important, at least give him a chance to prove himself before you disregard him.

5.    Be polite at all times. That guy may have rubbed you up the wrong way with his suggestive or rude message to you, but you are a lady and you should react with class. A simple “No thank you” will suffice; there is no need to be rude or mean back. You are better than this.

6.    Treat guys who seek to respond to your profile exactly how you would want to be treated yourself. If you don’t want someone to send you rude and suggestive emails, don’t send them out. If you don’t want to be ignored by the hot guy that you sent the message to, don’t ignore those that are sent to you. What goes around comes around, remember?

7.    Finally, always be yourself. That super hot guy may be looking for a gym bunny, but if you are not one, your relationship is going to fizzle out real quick if you lie about it at the beginning. There is no need to lie – there is no point in this! How are you ever going to find true love if you can’t at the very least, be yourself?

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