OKCupid versus POF – Dating Knockout

With so many dating websites out there, it can be hard to know where to begin; especially when it would appear that there was so many that rival each other, which also seem to offer the same kind of features.

Here we are going to take a look at OKCupid and POF, (Plenty of Fish) which are two of the biggest FREE online dating websites around at the moment. Each one of these brings a little something special to the table, which is what makes choosing between them the most difficult choice of all. For some, it is the more members that POF has – over twenty-five million, whereas OKCupid has just ten million. This means that when you think about it logically, POF does have the upper hand – the more members, the more chances there are that you will meet your special someone and result in a happy, fulfilling relationship.

In the defence of OKCupid, there are more options on this website to find a match that exactly meets your dating requirements. There are more search options that what POF has to offer, and also more tools at the same time, so when you are looking at the argument of quality over quantity, it would seem that OKCupid has made a comeback to make the dating website match score of 1-1!

Of course, the winner of the website knockout will depend on the kind of person, and also the kind of dating experience that you are looking for. Just a couple of days ago, a work colleague and I had this conversation:

Tora – “I was on Plenty of Fish a while ago, but all I found in my area were weirdos so I jumped over to OKCupid”

Me – “I still like POF to be honest. I haven’t really used OKCupid yet, but I prefer the layout on my phone that POF has”

I guess when you think about it, there is no real answer to who wins the dating knockout, but only each individual person is looking for when it comes to online dating.

Your age will make a difference to which dating website you will use. Plenty of Fish has a higher number of older men and women, whereas OKCupid tends to cater more for the younger audience. Statistics have shown that POF has a higher number of singles aged between 35-49, whereas OKCupid’s main target audience is between 25-35. If you are looking for an older partner, perhaps POF is the best option.

Still, the score remains at 1-1.

When it comes to actually meeting matches that are right for you, POF offers things like the Chemistry Test, and also the Relationship Needs Assessment, which matches you with the same people that think and act just like you do in a relationship. This surely makes the score 2-1 in POF’s favor, surely? Well actually no! OKCupid has such things up its sleeve as well, with the member quizzes, weird and wonderful questions, and also the option of being able to create profile questions that caters your profile to your exact personality. When it comes to reflection – your profile and your personality, OKCupid seems to have the cutting edge, so it would seem as if the score was 2-1 in the direction of OKCupid.

At the end of the day, it will very much depend on what you are looking for from your online dating website as to which one you will choose, and when it comes to the free ones especially, it may be worth signing up, giving it a trial spin, and then trying another, (or even having both websites in action) before making a final decision. The more fingers you have in the dating pies, the more chances that you are going to meet the one!

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