Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Abuses Canada's Public Healthcare System for Tylenol Prescription


Do you know of any doctor in Canada who uses up millions of dollars worth public healthcare resources to conduct all sorts of tests including MRIs to then when all is said and done to only prescribe Tylenol at the ends of all these tests?  Do you want to know who is responsible for depleting public healthcare resources in Canada?  You might wish to ask Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum.  This doctor for more than two years used up tons of public hospital resources conducting tests on one of his latest victims – Dezrin, a poor elderly woman.  At the end of these tests, this elderly woman who waited patiently for over two years for this doctor to prescribe treatment had only bottles and bottles of Tylenol from the local Shoppers Drug Mart to show for her wait!  Dezrin's faith in Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum was not rewarded to say the least.

While earnestly waiting over two years for Dr. Tenenbaum to actually do something constructive with all these tests, all she had to show for her wait was some Tylenols she could have easily obtained on her own.  During this time when she essentially squandered her time, she lost the ability to walk, talk or write.  If Dezrin went to another doctor, she could have been dancing today as described by one of his former patients online who had fled Dr. Tenenbaum to another doctor who cured him of his ailments.

There needs to be a public outcry against any doctor like Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum who appears to be exploiting precious public healthcare resources and facilities with such an apparent lack of regard to the treatment of their patients.  You see, every time a doctor in Canada orders a test, it is more money for them.  Individual patients don't see the bill like those in the United States.  Instead, provincial governments see the bill that is forwarded to them by doctors.  Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum's apparent abuse of the system suggests that there needs to be more scrutiny of doctors to ensure that he or she is actively working at all times in the best interests of patients and not trying to abuse public healthcare for their own personal self-aggrandizement.

Nearly 1000 signatories have supported a petition against this doctor here - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/takeaction/846/366/689/

Help make a donation to this campaign - https://www.gofundme.com/liberate-from-dr-jerry-tenenbaum-2vwkz74g

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