Donald Trump More Dangerous than Richard Nixon Suggests Watergate Reporter

President Donald Trump’s apparent so-called powerful America threatens the freedom of all Americans. However, thanks to a much more healthier and vibrant climate for rights and freedom of citizens to flourish under the Justin Trudeau government, Canadians can feel more secure in being able to pursue their freedoms in areas which might include playing on any of the real money online casinos among other activities.

Even before Mr Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States, a lot of his activities had already portrayed him as a dictator-in-the-making. It is therefore not surprising that more seasoned reporters are coming out to sound a word of caution as to the direction where President Trump wants to take America. The sad truth as to why President Trump’s has been able to show his outright disregard for democratically established state institutions like the law courts and the mainstream media is simply because of the siege mentality that he has instilled in his followers.

Unlike Richard Nixon, who was heard on a tape telling someone to see people from Press as ‘enemies of America’, President Trump’s outbursts are on a much larger scale and therefore always do have the tendency to lead the nation on a dangerous path. Throughout his life, President Trump has always held a grudge with the mainstream media and as to why it is so remains to be seen. Latest clashes between President Trump and mainstream media have even led him calling the whole group of journalists in the room as not being honest. He also went on to accuse a Jewish reporter of being a liar.

Carl Bernstein, a former Washington Post reporter who is famously known for his role in bringing the Watergate scandal to light, once said on CNN, “There is no civic consensus in this country like there was at the time of Watergate about acceptable presidential conduct. Trump is out there on his own leading a demagogic attack on the institutions of free democracy. We are into terrible authoritarian tendencies.” Mr Bernstein’s outbursts come as a result of the longstanding feud going on between President Trump and the mainstream media. In Mr Bernstein’s view, it was very unprofessional and uncouth for a sitting president of the United States of America to refer to the mainstream media in a tweet as being fake and also tagging them as the ‘enemy of the American People’.

In an era where social media platforms have made it possible for a person to be able to indoctrinate others with just mere written statements, Mr Bernstein sees President Trump’s actions are being the conduct of a President. President Trump is an individual with a large following on Twitter and as such his tweet was directly pitching the people of America against those working within the mainstream media. However, at this particular moment, all that can be done is to sit and watch as President Trump continues to show his dictatorial tendencies to America. The warning signs were very glaring and even sounded by the University of Maryland’s chair of broadcast journalism even before the elections were held. They warned that there were in reality a lot of things that portrayed Trump as looking to walk in the footsteps of Richard Nixon throughout his campaign tour.

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