TV dinners: what to eat while you binge-watch television

When a new show gets its claws into you, the last thing you want to do is tear yourself away, even when your stomach starts grumbling. The expansion of third-party delivery services, already a boon to Toronto couch potatoes, means no matter what you're watching, you can chow down on some thematically appropriate takeout without even having to hit pause. Still on our wish list: frozen bananas, night cheese and a breakfast worthy of Leslie Knope.

Show: House Of Cards / Food: BBQ

When Frank Underwood wants to bring about the destruction of his enemies (and of a rack of ribs), he heads to his favourite BBQ spot, Freddy's. A cursory Google search suggests that that sticky, saucy rib consistency is not likely to be found in DC (regional BBQ experts take this kind of thing very, very seriously), but you can get your own from Barque (delivered via DoorDash - ask for the Sweet Heat),

Smoque N' Bones (via Foodora) or Greenwood Smokehouse (via Just-Eat).

Show: Master Of None / Food: pasta

Like many 30-something folks living in major urban centres, Aziz Ansari's Dev is more than a little obsessed with food: He spends hours scouring Yelp reviews to find New York's best taco place and nearly ruins his shot with a girl over a bottle of BBQ sauce. But his truest love is pasta, which plays a pivotal role in the first season's conclusion. If those shots of Dev making carbonara with fresh spaghetti made your mouth water like they did mine, Il Fornello delivers the dish via Foodora, and Mangia e Bevi will zip some over via Just-Eat.

Show: Breaking Bad / Food: chicken (fried)

At its heart, Los Pollos Hermanos wasn't really there to supply New Mexicans with fried chicken and breakfast platters. But with multiple delivery options available in Toronto, you should be able to get yourself a bucket of the crispy stuff (hold the money laundering). Harlem Underground delivers chicken and collards via DoorDash and Foodora, Dirtybird is available on Foodora, Church's Chicken handles orders via Just-Eat, and Bar Fancy can be spotted on UberEats.

Show: Portlandia / Food: chicken (organic)

"Was it happy?" a couple in a particularly pitch-perfect Portlandia sketch ask their patient server in regards to a chicken they're about to order off the menu. "Here are his papers," she replies. "His name was Colin." Oats & Ivy doesn't have full dossiers on every bird, but the moist breast meat is definitely organic (along with every other ingredient in its delectable, filling bowls and salads). Get yours via Foodora.

Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Food: mac & cheese sandwich

If your reaction to the "Sloppy Jessica," the mac-and-cheese-chili-pizza sandwich that Gina wolfs down after quitting a hideously restrictive diet, was not "That is hilarious/disgusting/hilariously disgusting" but "Where can I get me one of those?" you're in luck. Junked Food Co., Dundas West's shining beacon of stoner food, offers the next best thing: a burrito stuffed with mac and cheese. There's also a macaroni pizza for the Parks & Rec fans, deliverable via Foodora. (Vegans can summon a mac pizza or grilled cheese from Apiecalypse Now via Just-Eat instead.)

Show: Bob's Burgers / Food: burgers (obviously)

For a show that revolves around a family burger restaurant, the actual food at Bob's Burgers has relatively little to do with the action (perhaps because no one ever actually seems to eat there). But the punny specials on the chalkboard ("New Bacon-ings," "Paranormal Pepper-jack-tivity") make for a fun running gag. The next best thing: probably Burger's Priest, which delivers via Foodora until well into the wee hours.


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