The Top 5 Strongest Weed Strains to Relieve Pain

What is the best weed for pain relief? We list the top 5 weed strains that are known to help alleviate pain, and discuss the benefits and effects of each strain in detail.

Medical marijuana is often prescribed for pain relief purposes. People that are on chemotherapy or suffer from debilitating diseases are often able to maintain a pain-free life thanks to the strongest weedstrains for pain.

Five weed strains are especially potent for pain relief.

1. Northern Lights

The Northern Lights strain is mostly indica and is the most potent pain reliever on the list. This strain will provide a very potent high that allows your mind to relax while alleviating the deepest pains.

Northern Lights will leave you in a very tired, relaxed state that is perfect for night time use.

2. Master Kush

The second most powerful pain reliving strain. Master Kush is an indica-prominent strain that helps with chronic pain and anxiety. This strain is very potent and will provide a very strong high that will catch first-time users by surprise.

The perfect strain to smoke before bed, you’ll sleep all night long without any pain thanks to Master Kush.

3. Blueberry

A strain that has been around for over 30 years. The Blueberry cannabis strain is indica-based and helps relax the body, alleviate stress and even anxiety. The high felt is mostly in the body and not the mind, allowing you to feel relaxed. While the high is very strong, Blueberry will not cause you to be tired, which makes it ideal for daytime usage.

4. Sour Diesel

A strain that is mostly sativa-based. This strain provides a very uplifting high that allows people to ignore pains and ailments. Sour Diesel also offers the ability to function throughout the day without making you slouch in the couch after smoking it.

Easy to produce, this strain can be found in most dispensaries.

5. White Widow

White widow weed is the least potent pain reliever on the list, just below Sour Diesel in potency. This strain is a hybrid that is mostly comprised of indica. A very nice body high is felt when smoked, allowing muscle tension to melt away, and relieving mild aches and pains.

The sativa in White Widow allows your mind to relax due to the potent high felt. This allows you to keep your mind off of the physical pain and find some relief in the process.

This is a smart choice for mild aches and pains, but is not the optimal choice for severe chronic pains that will leave you staying in bed all day long

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