Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum: Fake Positive Reviews Scam Revealed on RateMds.com

When people who are expected to know better decide to play around with very serious issues involving the lives of others, then there is something very wrong with the system. This is the main reason why the issue of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s colleagues reportedly posting fake reviews about him on RateMds.com should be taken very seriously. Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s professionalism has been in disrepute and that has not been helped by the fact that it was his prescription of the drug Tylenol for Dezrin Carby-Samuels which has left her bedridden and unable to even perform activities like speaking and walking.

Clients who have had a personal encounter with Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum mostly do have something negative to say about his interpersonal relationship with them and his professionalism. The sad thing about this is that whenever actual clients of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum post reviews on RateMds.com, his colleagues also post a lot of fake and inflated positive reviews to outnumber that of the negatives. This behaviour by Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s colleagues is a very serious one since it has misled a lot of people to going there for medical assistance which always lands them in uncomfortable situations in the end. "I am a healthcare professional as well, Dr Tenenbaum may not have a great bedside manor, every professional has their own strengths, and I am very glad to have him in my corner. Be your own advocate when it comes to treatment and do not be afraid to ask questions. I found that he doesn't fluff up the conversation, straight line to the answers. In 4 years as his patient I have felt valued as well as given a major contributor into my own treatment”. This is one clear example of such an inflated review posted on RateMds.com by a colleague of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum.

The sad thing is that clients who chance upon such fake positive reviews end up seeking for his assistance which always compounds their problems. A clear case of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s lack of empathy and understanding for his patients is that of Dezrin Carby-Samuels. This is a once energetic and healthy old woman who was forced to take Tylenol, a drug known to cause serious brain damages, based on Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s prescriptions.

Comparing reviews posted by patients in Toronto to that posted by so-called patients in Victoria, there is a stark revelation of the deception that is being purported by Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum and his colleagues. Whereas patients in Toronto regard him as being very arrogant, always in a rush and not having adequate time for his clients, certain inflated positive reviews by some patients in Victoria portray him to be caring, sympathetic and very understanding to the plight of his patients. If the reviews by patients in Victoria were actually true, Dezrin Carby-Samuels should have been in a better physical condition rather than being bedridden and unable to even speak or walk.

It is therefore high time something serious is done about such instances where people are allowed to post fake positive reviews just to mislead unsuspecting patients.

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