6 Travel tips for backpacking in Italy

Italy is famous across the world for its culture and history. It is a place that offers something for every kind of holidaymaker. Yet backpacking is a wonderful way to enjoy Italy on a budget – as long as you do it right. Here are six tips to help you make the most of your Italian backpacking trip…

When to visit

Italy is beautiful at any time of year, but August is peak season. Visit Italy out of season if you want to avoid large crowds of tourists and other backpackers, as well as extreme temperatures. This will make it easier to find places to stay, and to enjoy the country’s many sights and sounds at your own pace.

Where to visit

Italy is lush with breath-taking countryside and cities, as well as delicious wine and food. There’s a lot love about the vineyards of Florence, the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, and the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera. Meanwhile, the Roman Coliseum is one of the most famous attractions built by man, and is truly a sight to behold.

How much money to take

Italy isn’t the cheapest place to go backpacking. Yet if you look after your money, you can get by on relatively little. Set a budget of around £50-70 per day (including accommodation) and you should stay pretty comfortable, even in peak season. These there are also plenty of airlines offering cheap tickets. For tips on finding the best deals, read Business Insider’s “23 secrets to booking cheap flights”.

Where to stay

Websites like Airbnb allow you to find a room to rent in the houses of the locals, often at lower cost than staying in a hotel. While this gives you a lot of privacy if that’s what you want, it also offers you the chance to spend time with the locals – what better way to sample Italian culture. There are also plenty of hostels throughout Italy.

Where to eat

Depending on where you choose to eat, Italy can either be affordable or expensive. If you are willing to shop around, you will find some real bargains. Italy is famous for its delicious food. If you’re on a budget you should forget more fine dining, in favour of the country’s bread and cheese – some of the finest in the world. Besides, there’s surely nothing more backpacker-like than carrying around a loaf and a block of cheese all day!

Use a smartphone app like TripAdvisor to find the closest restaurants within your budget. The hostel staff will also be local and be able to give you some great tips on where and what to eat.

Why you need travel insurance

Taking out travel insurance covers you in many different situations. If you become ill or have an accident, travel insurance will cover any hospital bills. It will also cover the costs of your tickets in the event of cancellations by the airline, or if you find you can’t travel due to a last-minute emergency. Note: your insurance may not cover you for every situation. Check the terms of the policy to ensure you have the right cover for your needs.

Travel insurance policies also cover theft, damage and loss. In this digital age, insurance could save you hundreds if you lose or damage your laptop, smartphone, or tablet while away.

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