Top 10 Reasons Why Men Should Choose Online Dating Over Speed Dating

The emphasis on wealth acquisition has created a society filled with men rich in cash but poor in time. This has led to the blossoming of online and speed dating – although the former is more popular than the latter. Not only is online dating more popular than speed dating, dating experts have mapped out 10 reasons why men should choose online dating over speed dating.

1. You have more match options

Thousands of new users sign up for online dating websites daily which give you diversity, and an increased chance of finding your match. AFF, for example, has over half a billion users. Writing for, dating expert Erin J. Shea noted that "according to more than 20,000 people register to use the site every day". Speed dating, on the other hand, brings together – less than a hundred people – which limits your chances of finding a match.

2. You have more time to blend with your date

You think you can find the right match in less than 10 minutes? That is unlikely. Speed dating which is similar to offline dating only gives you a short time to find the right date. One of the pros dating expert, Julie Spira mention in one of her dating advice on HuffingtonPost is that "It's efficient and available 24-hours a day.

3. You are not under any form of anxiety

“You will be nervous from the time you walk into the event up until the start of the event”, dating consultant, Rebecca Gray said. Introverts are automatically eliminated from the contest. All forms of anxieties are eliminated from online dating giving everyone – introverts and extroverts alike – a level playing ground.

4. You are enthusiastic to meet your date

The majority of online dating websites are now introducing the use of Cams in their chat. Prior to the use of this service, the two people involved must have known themselves to the extent where they now yearn to be with each other. Unlike speed date which is characterized by anxiety, the online date is met with enthusiasm.

5. You have more tools to boost your chances

So, what if you don’t have a good smile or your English is a little rusty? You will get a straight rejection if you try a speed date for sure. ‘Auto-Correct’, that app that gets people into trouble sometimes can help you speak fluently – if you are smart enough. In chat, you can use pictures and emojis to convey more information than you ever would with words as Davis explained on Chicago tribune.

6. You know what to expect ahead

Online dating users go through the process of creating a profile and would have to answer some basic questions about themselves in the process. Before chatting anyone up, you can run through their profile and see if there is any common interest between the both of you. Such information can help you start a meaningful conversation rather than the interview-like session of speed dating.

7. You would not be stereotyped by your looks

You can never be certain what girls are looking for when they stare at you with an arc on their lips; the cost of your wrist watch, the cloth label you are putting on, how you walk and so on. Such stereotypes will be eliminated when you choose online dating. A good picture is all you need Rebecca A. Marquis said.

8. You don’t have to alter your schedule

Imagine you had an important meeting to attend but it happened that it was the same day that the speed date was organized. It would be a tough decision to make right? When you are dating online, you can keep in touch on the go which makes the dating process flexible.

9. You don’t struggle to impress

With the prying eyes on you in the speed date process, you may be forced to act, speak and do things pretentiously. In online dating, on the other hand, you don't have to please anyone because there are lots of available options.

10. You can never go home empty

The speed date has just ended and you could not find a match. You will surely go home depressed or saddened, moaning at all those wasted time – and then you have to wait for God-knows-when for another speed date to be organized. In online dating, the window is always open to find a date, any time any date and you can find people from a wider geographical area.

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