Safe and Free: The Advantages of Real Money Online Gaming

At the first sight, the title of this article might sound like a controversy: how can real money online gaming be free? And, for that matter, you might question its safety, too, considering its controversial nature and the recent scandals involving operators. Well, first of all, on fat land grow the foulest weeds: an industry involving so many players from so many countries is bound to have its operators capable of foul play. But the industry itself weeds them out in time. But the "free" part, I think, needs a bit more explanation.

Social games vs. real money casinos

There are tons of social casino games that advertise themselves as being free. But the same social games are also constantly in the top 10 grossing games list both on iOS and Android, showing that despite being free, they generate a lot of revenue for their publishers. In case of real money casinos, things are a bit different: they rely on real money players, not ads and in-app purchases, to generate revenue. So, when they offer a free alternative, you can be sure it's indeed free.

Take a look at the All Slots online casino,  for example. All Slots is an old, reputable online gaming destination, offering a large library of games, as well as some attractive bonuses, to its players. But it offers something more: completely free access to all its games. Players can register an account at the All Slots Casino, and log on choosing "practice mode" when prompted. This game mode (called "for fun" at some other operators) allows players to experience any game in their library completely free of charge, with no ads, no in-app purchases - no strings attached.

Of course, there is an ulterior motive: "for fun" players might one day make "real" players. But there's no obligation to turn - you can play at All Slots free of charge for as long as you like.

How about safety?

Legitimate online casinos need one very important thing to function: a casino license. The All Slots Casino, for example, has a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. It is one of the many jurisdictions issuing such licenses, and it is one of the most recognized for its strict policies, requirements and rules. The MGA requires its licensees to be completely fair and safe - they are working with people's money, after all. So, if you register an account at an MGA-licensed casino, you can be sure that your personal information, and your banking details, respectively, are completely safeguarded, and will never be sold, estranged and will never fall into the wrong hands.

With all due respect to social games and their developers, they will never be able to assure a security as tight as real money casinos.

As you can see, there is no controversy here. Real money online gaming, on desktop and mobile devices, is the safest way to play free online.

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